Accessible Period Care is a Fiscally Sponsored grassroots initiative that started in March of 2023 in Union County. We envision Accessible Period Care for All and are on a mission to bring menstrual equity through our Missions and Visions:

Fostering Partnerships 

Advocating for Inclusion 

Choice + Transparency

What is Period Poverty and Menstrual Equity?

Period Poverty is a lack of access to menstrual products, hygiene facilities, waste management and education, affecting 500 Million people. Period poverty causes physical, mental, and emotional difficulties. The stigma surrounding menstruation creates barriers around talking about it. Let's change that.  Source

Menstrual Equity: equal and inclusive access to education, safety, and healthy menstrual care products to help remove barriers and stigma around menstruation. Let's make this happen. Source 

More than half of students have used period products for longer than the recommended time.  Source 

School Attendance Increased by 2.4% When Period Supplies Were Freely Accessible   Source

86% of menstruators have started their period unexpectedly while in public, without supplies.   Source

1 in 2 Women Earning Less Than $50,000 Annually Struggle With Period Poverty in Colorado .  Source

Over 2 in 5 of people have used socks, rags, and toilet paper due to lack of access.  Source

2 out of 3 low-income menstruators in the US may have to choose between menstrual care or food.  Source

Our Impact
As of June 2023, we have distributed 11,362 menstrual care products consisting of pads, liners, tampons, and menstrual cups to universities, libraries, community organizations, and schools in order to fight period poverty and advocate for menstrual equity.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in serving our communities!

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Accessible Period Care is Fiscally Sponsored by Common Good®,  a registered 501(c)(3) Organization